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Global Military Research, LLC offers professional and comprehensive Military Records Research of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War and genealogy research for retired and discharged members of all branches of the U.S. Military, the military of Germany, the families of retired, deceased or discharged military service members who fought on either side of a WWII. Through our World War II Research, we assist historians, authors, potential authors, military history website administrators and the general public with research in connecting individuals and places. Our company specializes in research of records from World War II in both the European and Pacific theaters.


Every day more and more detailed WWII records documents are declassified by governments around the world. This declassification enables us to open a view to the experiences of many war veterans to their families as well as the general public. Global Military Research, LLC can give an individual or family a unique look into these experiences.  With our tenacious Veterans Records Research we can provide both written documentation as well as a visual view of places and people the veterans interacted with both on and off the battle field. Documenting these experiences is a service that we can provide for reasonable fees.

Tenacious Military Records Research



Veterans Records Research allows us to to show a veteran's family where he/she had a meal in a small town in France, seeing a photograph of a small cafe in Italy and the descendants of the owner that served your grandfather in 1944 or maybe liberating a village or a POW camp. It is possible to one may be introduced to a photograph of an opposing soldier you met in battle and never knew it. Additionally, reuniting with war buddies or the surviving family of one is a truly rewarding experience. Some sons and daughters and most grandchildren only know that dad or grandpa fought in a war. We give them the opportunity to find out where, when, why and who was there when dad or grandpa was fighting for his country.  Documentation of a veteran's military service recognizes many of the sacrifices they made while serving his country.


War itself is truly hell, but the healing of combatants and their family members is a catalyst for the healing of nations.